Receive innovative physical, occupational, and speech therapy after surgery, illness, or injury to regain strength, perform at your optimal level, and return home.

Inpatient and Outpatient Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

You deserve the best care with experienced professionals available to you on-site 24/7.

No worries about impersonal care through a screen or concerns about when the next caregiver might appear in your home. When you choose Dove Healthcare for your post-hospital recovery, you are choosing to receive personalized care by nurses, CNAs, therapists, and other supportive team members committed to helping you feel better as quickly as possible.

The sooner you can discharge from the hospital and start accessing all of the advanced nursing and therapy capabilities of Dove Healthcare, the sooner you can successfully return home with strength and confidence.


  • Arthritis
  • Balance Disorders
  • Cardiac
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Dysphagia Therapy
  • Fractures
  • Joint Replacements
  • Lymphedema
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Orthopedics
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Post-Surgical
  • Stroke
  • Ventilator & Tracheostomy Care
  • Voice Treatment
  • Weakness
  • and more

Achieve your goals

Tell us your goals. We'll help you achieve them.

  • Restart your favorite hobby — golf, hike, dance, pickleball, whatever your heart desires
  • Increase mobility with proper cane or walker use
  • Discover if you can safely ambulate without an assistive device
  • Learn easier ways to get in or out of your car
  • Maneuver better around the kitchen or bathroom
  • Better your balance to reduce fall risk
  • Decrease pain which increases mobility
  • Improve your communication, memory, cognition, or ability to swallow
  • Build leg strength so it is easier to sit and stand
  • Enhance and maintain overall muscle strength and endurance
  • Restore and increase range of motion
  • Reduce joint swelling/inflammation and more

Dynamic Features

  • Fully furnished, comfortable private suite with free cable TV, local and long distance phone service, and WiFi
  • Consistent team of in-house therapists provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy up to six days per week
  • Skilled nursing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Therapists use hands-on techniques to improve your joint mobility, reduce edema, and manage pain
  • Current therapy modalities, such as ultrasound, heat, cold, electrical stimulation and more to increase functional, pain free movement
  • Cardio equipment to build cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Stand and walk sooner with the unweighting system available at Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire, West Eau Claire, and Regional Vent Center
  • Flexible dining program catered to your preferences and dietary requirements
  • Home evaluation prior to discharge
  • Personalized home exercise program

Short-Term, Post-Hospital Stays

We start preparing for your discharge on Day 1. A social worker will coordinate and assist you with any services or equipment you need to make your transition to home successful. This may include:

  • Providing information and referrals to resources
  • Helping obtain medical equipment
  • Arranging in-home skilled nursing services (i.e. IV therapy, nutrition plan, ventilator care)
  • Coordinating home care support (i.e. personal/supportive care, hospice, respite care)
  • Scheduling a visit to your home with your therapist, your family, and you present to assess several living skills including your ability to cook, bathe, do laundry, use stairs, take medications, and move around your home. Recommendations might include installing assistive equipment, such as grab bars, railings, and ramps.

Your treatment and length of stay will vary depending on your illness, injury, or medical condition. Monday through Friday your days will be busy, but we are here to support you every step of the way so you can achieve your goals, feel better, and return home.

The morning will begin with support from nursing so you can get ready for your first of two to three therapy sessions for the day. In between therapy sessions, you are encouraged to rest and participate in recreational offerings when interested and able. You will appreciate a variety of menu options presented to you each day. Snacks are also available 24/7, so when you're hungry, please let us know.

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Start outpatient physical therapy within 48 hours Monday-Friday. Do you feel like you are losing strength? Are you worried about falling? Are your normal activities painful? Recover in your home while benefiting from our physical therapists. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, take control of your health by taking advantage of our specialized physical therapy, including speech and occupational therapy. We will take the lead checking your insurance benefits and contacting your doctor. Sessions take place in our physical therapy gyms located in Bloomer, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, Osseo, and Rice Lake. You'll appreciate quick, easy access to the therapy gym from our front door with parking nearby. Contact us for a free consult.

Services for Assisted Living Residents

Do you reside in an assisted living residence? Let us come to you. We know your goal is to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible, no matter where you call home. If you are recovering from an illness, fall, or recent hospitalization, you may benefit from in-home therapy services to bounce back and feel better. Our therapists travel to area assisted living facilities to provide onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Contact us for a free consult.

Therapy Specialties

Physical Therapy

Maximize your mobility. Participate in physical therapy to recover mobility after a joint replacement, fracture, heart attack, stroke, or arthritis. Request more information.

Occupational Therapy

Overcome your limitations. Restore your independence. Participate in occupational therapy to make daily living easier after a joint replacement, stroke, heart attack, or fracture and to help with edema management. Request more information.

Speech Therapy

Improve your communication, memory, cognition, or ability to swallow. Participate in speech therapy to treat side effects of stroke, Parkinson's, dementia, and voice or swallowing disorders. Request more information.

Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease and Other Neurological Diseases

Let us help you achieve your goals! Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) is a standardized treatment protocol administered individually in 16, one-hour sessions over one month for out-patients or in-patients. Treatments are intensive and complex; however, they are accompanied by easy to understand instructions. Treatment promotes self-awareness of increasing and maintaining vocal loudness and movements. Daily homework practice and carryover exercises help individuals develop life-long habits. This service is available at Dove Healthcare - Osseo, South Eau Claire, West Eau Claire, and Regional Vent Center. Learn more.

BIG for LIFE® Exercise Program

By previously completing LSVT BIG®, you may qualify to attend this weekly program. The BIG for LIFE® class is not physical therapy; therefore, it is not billable to insurance. It is an optional group class at Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire with certified instructors designed to help you maintain your LSVT BIG® is progress. Learn more.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Benefit from advanced care for improved outcomes. Helping you to regain independence is our top priority. While all Dove Healthcare skilled nursing facilities provide stroke rehabilitation, at Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire you will also have access to this state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Dynavision D2: Improve hand and eye coordination and balance.
  • Quick Board: Measure speed, reaction, balance, and coordination.
  • Dynatron Solaris Plus Series: Reduce pain and stimulate muscles.
  • Myo Trac Infiniti: Reeducate muscles via elctro stimulation.

Request more information.

Lymphedema Therapy

Reduce swelling and control pain. Lymphedema therapy with a certified lymphedema therapist can help you live more comfortably. Request more information.

Kinesio Taping Method

The Kinesio Taping Method is a non-invasive approach to assist the body's natural healing process that provides support to muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints without restricting the body's range of motion. This service is available at Dove Healthcare - Bloomer, Rice Lake, South Eau Claire, and Regional Vent Center. Request more information.

Rehabilitation Before (and after) Joint Surgery

Improving your strength and cardiovascular health NOW can result in better, faster outcomes after surgery! Pre-surgical rehabilitation can shorten the length of your hospital stay, decrease your pain, reduce the need for inpatient rehabilitation, and allow you to achieve independence with mobility faster. Request more information.

Karen Ek

I really didn't think I could rehabilitate to the degree that I have. The therapy team and all of the employees are such a blessing. When I first arrived, I could not walk and needed to use a lift to transfer. Now, I can walk with confidence because of everyone taking such good care of me. I highly recommend Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake for rehabilitation. It is a well-run organization.

Karen Ek, June 2021

Margaret Hill

I love the employees here and enjoy all of the laughter while joking around with everyone. Although I have had to work hard in therapy, the team here really made this a fun experience, and because of them, I am ready to get back home to my cat Oliver!

Margaret Hill, March 2021

Pat Saxon

Because of my knee replacement, I needed daily therapy and some extra care. Being at Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire was one of the best decisions I have made. After two months, I was walking mainly with a cane and little pain.I would encourage anyone if they need nursing home care to consider coming here. I came meeting strangers and left missing family.

Pat Saxon, September 2020

Ron Janke

When I first came to Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire, I couldn't even roll over without full assistance. The therapists worked not only with my body but also with my mind. They motivated me to do the things I needed to do to become independent. And now, I'm transitioning into assisted living. This experience not only restored my body, it restored my life!

Ron Janke, March 2021

Chuck Nelson

The therapists at Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center knew how to challenge me. It did not take long for me to start walking without support. Respiratory therapy and nursing were patient and explained my progression. Speech therapy worked with me to get me back to eating regular food. It was a great day when I had my trach removed! I am excited to return home.

Chuck Nelson, May 2021


The team at Dove Healthcare - Bloomer helped me gain my independence back. They met my needs both mentally and physically. I went from being non-mobile and needing a hoyer lift to now walking over 100 feet with a walker, getting up by myself, and going home.

Harvey, August 2021

Linda Barnes

The CNAs and nurses were like God's angels; very caring, loving, and understanding. The food is very good and nutritional. If it wasn't for the professional and kind therapy I received, I wouldn't be able to get up and down. In fact, all the employees here, no matter what department, were so caring and kind, making me feel at home. I highly recommend Dove Healthcare - Bloomer to anyone.

Linda Barnes, September 2021

Access Inpatient or Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Rely on our team of experienced professionals to assist you throughout the assessment and admission process. Our admissions coordinator will work with the care team and your physician to complete a thorough assessment prior to admission to verify we can meet your needs.

Learn more about admission to Dove Healthcare.

Kaitlyn Weber

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer

Kaitlyn Weber
Social Services & Admissions Director, 2024
Email Kaitlyn

Lynzi Seifert

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Lynzi Seifert, RN
Admissions Coordinator, Case Manager, Infection Preventionist, 2018
Email Lynzi

Cassie Chrystal

Dove Healthcare - Osseo, South Eau Claire, and West Eau Claire

Cassie Chrystal, CSW
Admissions Coordinator, 2003
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Meet Our Therapy Team

We hire our own physical, occupational, and speech therapy team members. They live here in our local communities so you have the comfort of knowing a consistent team of therapists will follow you through your time with us. Each therapist strives to continue to learn new advances in rehabilitation care to provide the best possible treatment available.

Angella Niblett

Dove Healthcare - Barron Assisted Living, Bloomer, Bloomer Assisted Living, Orchard Hills Assisted Living, Osseo, Osseo Assisted Living, Regional Vent Center, Rice Lake, Rutledge Home, South Eau Claire, and West Eau Claire

Angella Niblett, PTA
Regional Director of Rehabilitation, 2015
Email Angella

Tori Feckner

Dove Healthcare - Barron Assisted Living, Bloomer, Bloomer Assisted Living, and Rice Lake

Tori Feckner, COTA
Rehabilitation Manager, 2016
Email Tori

Adam Hass

Dove Healthcare - Orchard Hills Assisted Living, Regional Vent Center, Rutledge Home, and West Eau Claire

Adam Hass, PTA
Rehabilitation Manager & Physical Therapist Assistant, 2023
Email Adam

Lauren Starkey

Dove Healthcare - Osseo, Osseo Assisted Living, and South Eau Claire

Lauren Starkey, COTA
Rehabilitation Manager, 2011
Email Lauren

Rachel Hable

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake, Regional Vent Center, and Bloomer

Rachel Hable, PT
Physical Therapist, 2017
Email Rachel

Brittany Knetter

Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire

Brittany Knetter, PT
Physical Therapist, 2022
Email Brittany

Sarah Marx

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Sarah Marx, PT
Physical Therapist, 2018
Email Sarah

Victoria Christianson

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer and Regional Vent Center

Victoria Christianson, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2016
Email Victoria

Lindsey Hanko

Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire

Lindsey Hanko, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2016
Email Lindsey

Reisa Hilbert

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Reisa Hilbert, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2016
Email Reisa

Alisa Knudtson

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Alisa Knudtson, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2022
Email Alisa

Valerie Meskill

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Valerie Meskill, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2022
Email Valerie

Alexander Szalajka

Dove Healthcare - Osseo

Alexander Szalajka, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant, 2021
Email Alexander

Courtney Ewoldt

Dove Healthcare - Osseo and South Eau Claire

Courtney Ewoldt, OT
Occupational Therapist, 2016
Email Courtney

David Lind

Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire

David Lind, OT
Occupational Therapist, 2004
Email David

Andy Lipiec

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer, Regional Vent Center, and Rice Lake

Andy Lipiec, OT
Occupational Therapist, 2023
Email Andy

Krista Hall

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Krista Hall, COTA
Occupational Therapy Assistant, 2021
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Carrie Johnson

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Carrie Johnson, COTA
Occupational Therapy Assistant, 2005
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Shelly Shipley

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Shelly Shipley, COTA
Occupational Therapy Assistant, 2005
Email Shelly

Mackinzie Verdegan

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer and Rice Lake

Mackinzie Verdegan, COTA
Occupational Therapy Assistant, 2024
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Tracy Bates

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire, West Eau Claire, and Osseo

Tracy Bates, SLP
Speech Language Pathologist, 2019
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Brooke Kucko

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Brooke Kucko, SLP
Speech Language Pathologist, 2017
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Maddy Westemeier

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer, Regional Vent Center, and Rice Lake

Maddy Westemeier, SLP
Speech Language Pathologist, 2023
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