Our goal is to make the assessment and admission process as smooth as possible. You can rely on our team of experienced professionals.

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Plan ahead. Take a tour.

Each location is distinctly different. Ask questions. Read our testimonials. Talk with the employees. We are confident you will see why Dove Healthcare is the right choice.

Our goal is to make the admission process as smooth as possible, minimize anxiety, and help you comfortably settle in and meet your care team. We will introduce you to your neighbors, encourage you to participate in activities that interest you, and help you through the transition. Throughout your entire stay, our team is more than happy to offer a helping hand, visit with you, answer your questions, and respond to any concerns. We are confident you will develop friendships, feel connected, and find a true sense of community when you choose Dove Healthcare.

Use Caution with Third-Party Referral Sources

Dove Healthcare does not pay for referrals.

If you choose to work with a third-party referral source (i.e. Assisted Living Advisors, A Place for Mom), chances are they won't have Dove Healthcare on their list of recommendations because we will not pay them for their referrals that can cost care centers like ours $3,000 - $5,000 per admitting referral. In our professional opinion, it is unethical to withhold options from vulnerable adults and their family members for the financial gain of the third-party referral source. Dove Healthcare happily helps every inquiry and referral free of charge and without discrimination. Contact us anytime for more information.

Paying for Your Care

Our admissions coordinator will verify payer source and coverage details during the assessment process.

Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers / Nursing Home Option

  • Medicare
  • Wisconsin Medicaid / Medical Assistance
    Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center in Chippewa Falls also accepts Minnesota Medicaid / Medical Assistance.
  • Medical Assistance Family Care Program
  • Insurance
  • Social Security
  • Private Pay
  • Pensions
  • Veterans Administration Contracts
    Three of our skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers / nursing homes have a contract with the Veterans Administration to provide nursing home care to eligible Veterans. Please contact our admissions coordinator for more information:
    Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake (715-234-2604)
    Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire (715-552-1030)
    Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center (715-723-9341)

Assisted Living and Memory Care Options


For your convenience, our Dove Healthcare handicapped accessible vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts and are available to take you to medical appointments. Ask for the rate listing upon admission. We can also help you coordinate with other local transportation companies. Barron and Rice Lake solely coordinate with local transportation companies.

Staying Connected with Family and Friends

Most locations offer a direct dial phone number in your room/apartment or you will hook up your own phone service upon admission. Video, window, outdoor, and/or *indoor visits are options throughout your stay. Your loved ones that you approved for release of information can call us 24/7 with any questions or concerns.

Our website also has a quick, easy-to-use messaging tool — Send a Message to a Resident. Your family and friends can send you a message, and upon receipt, we will print and deliver it to you.

*If COVID-19 were to affect the conditions of indoor visits, we will always notify your primary contact and you.

Internet Access

WiFi is available throughout every Dove Healthcare location, so bring your wireless capable laptop, tablet, or smart phone and stay connected with family and friends while residing with us. Computers with internet access are located at most locations as well.

Pets Welcome to Visit

Pets provide a great therapeutic benefit. Your family or friends may bring a pet to visit if the pet remains on a leash and is well behaved at all times. Vaccinations must be current; please bring a copy with you.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, handicap, or age in admission, treatment, or employment in our programs or activities.

Start the Admission Process

Rely on our team of experienced professionals to assist you throughout the assessment and admission process. Our inquires and referrals for admission come from various sources, including hospitals, clinics, and other nursing homes or assisted living facilities, but you can also contact us directly. Our admissions coordinator will work with the care team and your physician to complete a thorough assessment prior to admission to verify we can meet your needs.

Cassie Crystal

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire and West Eau Claire

Cassie Crystal, CSW
Admissions Coordinator, 2003
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Jonathan Dressler

Dove Healthcare - Orchard Hills Assisted Living

Jonathan Dressler, NHA
Director, 2021
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Emily Gudis

Dove Healthcare - Barron Assisted Living

Emily Gudis
Director, 2016
715-537-1151, ext 14010
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Katie Hoppe

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer

Katie Hoppe, CSW
Admissions Coordinator & Social Services, 2017
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Tanya Leahy

Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center

Tanya Leahy, COTA
Admissions Coordinator, 2021
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Debbie Lubben

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Debbie Lubben
Admissions Coordinator, 2021
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Kena Luzinski

Dove Healthcare - Rutledge Home

Kena Luzinski
Dementia Support, Admissions Coordinator & Life Enrichment Director, 2020
715-723-5566, ext 144
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Bryce Miles

Dove Healthcare - Osseo Assisted Living and Osseo

Bryce Miles, NHA
Administrator, 2016
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Ashley Smetana

Dove Healthcare - South Assisted Living and South Eau Claire

Ashley Smetana, NHA
Administrator, 2017
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Julia Zeimetz

Dove Healthcare - Osseo

Julia Zeimetz
Admissions Coordinator & Social Services, 2021
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