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Take the Nurse Aide Training Program to launch your career in healthcare as a certified nursing assistant.
Age 16+ invited to apply.

Free CNA Class

PLUS, get paid $15/hour for each hour you complete of the 75-hour class!

By being hired as a CNA Trainee at a Dove Healthcare skilled nursing facility and participating in the WisCaregiver Careers Program, you'll take the 75-hour CNA class and the state competency exam at no cost to you. PLUS, you’ll get paid for each hour you complete of the 75-hour class! BONUS: You will be eligible for a $500 bonus after working part-time or full-time as a CNA with us for six consecutive months.

Dove Healthcare is proud to collaborate with the Healthcare Workforce Training Institute to ensure you receive quality, accessible training, and complete the class in just two weeks. It's easy…

  1. Complete the CNA Trainee application.
  2. Participate in a successful interview.
  3. Sign the program agreement.
  4. Choose a CNA class that works best for your schedule. We will assist you in signing up. You'll get paid for each hour you complete of the 75-hour class.
  5. Take the state competency exam at no cost.
  6. Receive a $500 bonus after six consecutive months of work as a CNA at one of our skilled nursing facilities.

Prepare yourself for a bright future on our team! With your commitment to completing the class and state exam successfully - thereby fulfilling your desire to help others and work as a CNA - we will support you every step of the way in finishing the program.

Please Note: CNA trainees commit to repaying Dove Healthcare the class fee and state exam fee if unable to successfully complete the class/exam or fulfill employment agreement.

Complete the CNA Trainee Application Learn more about the CNA class

Class Fee Reimbursement

The following information applies to someone who was not initially hired as a CNA trainee and did not participate in the WisCaregiver program. If you become an employee of any Dove Healthcare skilled nursing facility and have successfully completed the CNA class provided by the Healthcare Workforce Training Institute, you may be eligible for 100% reimbursement of the class fee.. If you took the CNA class through another provider, contact us to find out how much you are eligible for reimbursement.

  • You must pass the competency exam and be listed on the State of Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry before the reimbursement request can be submitted.
  • After submission of the reimbursement request, we will reimburse a portion of the class fee.
  • If you successfully complete one year of employment with Dove Healthcare, the remaining amount that has not been refunded, will be reimbursed.

Lapsed or Expired CNA License

If you want to start working as a CNA again, but your CNA license has lapsed/expired, you will need to contact the agency Headmaster at 877-201-0758. Headmaster will navigate you through the steps on their website to prepare you for retesting. In most cases, retaking the nurse aide training program is not necessary.

Transferring an Out-of-State CNA License to Wisconsin

Are you a CNA moving to Wisconsin and would like to transfer your license so you can continue your CNA career? Complete the Out-of-State Transfer Application now.

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