Volunteer opportunities are available daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, as it fits into your schedule.

Our residents cherish the time they spend with our volunteers.

What is the most precious gift you can give? Your time as a volunteer to the residents at Dove Healthcare.

When you become a volunteer and share life experiences with one of our residents, you each make a new friend. The residents' lives and your life too will be richer for the time you spend together sharing memories and creating new ones.

Who volunteers?

  • Schools, Churches, and Civic Groups
  • Individuals and Retirees

Become a Volunteer

How volunteers help

  • Visit with residents
  • Read to residents
  • Write letters
  • Play bingo, cards, or board games
  • Share talents (dancing, singing, comedy, etc.)
  • Help with parties and activities
  • Bring in pets (on a leash with up-to-date vaccinations)
  • Be a companion during outings
  • Help a resident with their shopping
  • Give manicures

Our Volunteer Coordinators

Rely on our volunteer coordinators to assist you with getting started.

Mandy Alvar

Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire

Mandy Alvar
Recreation Director, 2010
Email Mandy

Darlene Daigle

Dove Healthcare - Rutledge Home

Darlene Daigle
Recreation Director, 2022
Email Darlene

Thea Kurth

Dove Healthcare - Osseo Assisted Living and Osseo

Thea Kurth
Recreation Director, 2015
Email Thea

Kena Luzinski

Dove Healthcare - Rutledge Home

Kena Luzinski
Director, 2020
715-723-3093 ext 144
Email Kena

Laura Odness

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer and Bloomer Assisted Living

Laura Odness
Recreation Director, 2019
Email Laura

Michele Pawlak

Dove Healthcare - Orchard Hills Assisted Living

Michele Pawlak
Recreation Director, 2018
Email Michele

Liz Thon

Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center

Liz Thon
Recreation Director, 2022
715-723-9348 ext. 1270
Email Liz

Lori Van Ess

Dove Healthcare - Barron Assisted Living

Lori Van Ess
Director, 2022
715-537-1151 ext. 14010
Email Lori

Nadine Williams

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Nadine Williams, AAP-BC, ADC
Recreation Director, 2016
Email Nadine