Nursing Home

Whether your stay with us is short-term or long-term, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and making sure you receive the most advanced, personalized care with comfortable accommodations.

Our Exceptional Nursing Home Services

We collaborate with your physician and the professionals in our therapy, nutritional services, recreation, and social services departments to provide you with care tailored to your needs, abilities, and preferences.

When you choose Dove Healthcare, you will appreciate access to our wide range of capabilities. Each nursing home – also commonly referred to as a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility – is unique, so be sure to contact us and learn about the capabilities available at the Dove Healthcare location in which you are interested for you or your loved one. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Skilled Nursing Care

Receive quality care by licensed nurses 24 hours a day. Our nursing team ensures your well-being with professional care in prevention, rehabilitation, education, and personal support. As your needs change, we are here to help you in a dignified and compassionate manner. Learn more.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Receive innovative physical, occupational, and speech therapy after surgery, illness, or injury to help regain your strength and perform at your optimal level. We employ our own therapists, and they use the latest techniques and equipment to get you back home as quickly as possible. Outpatient therapy services are provided as well. Learn more.

Long-Term Care

Receive personal care from professionals who support dignity and choice. You'll enjoy nutritious food, engaging activities, fellowship, and an array of services and amenities. Our rehabilitation and restorative services are available to you as well. You can personalize your room to help make it feel just like home, with the comforts of favorite photos, blankets, hobbies, and more. Contact us to learn more.

Ventilator & Tracheostomy Care

Receive the best in extensive respiratory care. The Regional Vent Center team in Chippewa Falls includes ventilator certified nursing team members, respiratory therapists, and weekly rounds by a board-certified pulmonologist and nurse practitioner. Supported by a high staff ratio and innovative technology, we have a strong history of weaning patients from ventilators. You will appreciate knowing our center is designed in a way that encourages you to be mobile, independent, and actively involved. Learn more.

End-of-Life Care

Rest assured your loved one receives comfort, support, and compassionate care during their final days. We also have partnerships with area hospice agencies for those that desire this additional support service. Learn more.

Wound Care

Ensure a higher level of wound care for complex wounds related to surgery, diabetes, vascular disorders, poor circulation, and more. With a focus on prevention, healing, and comfort, our experienced professionals care for patients with complicated wound treatment and assessment needs. Learn more.

On-Site Diagnostic Testing

  • EKG
  • Cardiac Echo
  • Lab Tests
  • Mobile X-Ray
  • Venous Doppler

On-Site Consultations

  • 24/7 Direct Access to Your Physician
  • MD Wound Assessments
  • Pharmacist Consultation
  • Podiatry, Audiology, Optometry, and Dentistry
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Care Coordination
  • Transition Planning


  • AED
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Mechanical Lifts
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Specialized Air Mattresses


  • Enteral Feedings
  • Intake and Output Monitoring
  • Post-Dialysis Care
  • Personalized Therapeutic Diets Reviewed by Registered Dietitian
  • Therapeutic Interventions for Swallowing Difficulties and Aspiration Risk
  • Treatment of Dysphagia Disorders

Pharmacy Services

  • Pharmacy Services Available 24/7
  • Electronic Contingency Dispensing System

Need a Break?

Relieve a family caregiver from their responsibilities by receiving temporary care from our compassionate team of professionals. Even with current daytime support in the form of home assistance or adult day programs, many families still have overnight responsibilities for their loved one that prevents them from ever really getting a break. Respite care allows family caregivers a well-deserved rest, vacation, and time to take care of themselves. Gain peace of mind, knowing your loved one is receiving excellent care in a warm, respectful environment. Contact us to learn more.

Mary Dorrance

I fell and broke my leg while I was at home. I was at the hospital for such a long time and was worried about what comes next. All of the employees at Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake have been helpful, and I will miss everyone that has spent time to help and work with me. Therapy especially took their time to get me independent again, which I did not think was possible!

Mary Dorrance, June 2020

Susan Danhouser

While I am excited to be heading home to Black River Falls this week, I am sad to leave the wonderful employees here. I can't say enough good things about the employees, and my stay was wonderful! The beautiful new facility, rooms, and equipment are an added bonus!

Susan Danhouser, May 2020

Joyce Mathews

All of the employees are very caring and dedicated to their jobs. They take great care of the patients. This includes the great care provided by everyone in rehabilitation. I would recommend Dove Healthcare -West Eau Claire to everyone.

Joyce Mathews, February 2021

Margie Flaskrud

I was completely dependent after a bad car accident that left me with compounding, debilitating injuries. I kept thinking, 'There's no way they're going to be able to fix this.' But, now I feel free! I can walk on my own and have regained most of my mobility. I will forever be grateful for the entire Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire team. Even when I felt like giving up, the employees never gave up on me.

Margie Flaskrud, May 2021

Dick Buckwheat

The employees at Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Cente are quick workers, easy to get along with, caring, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile for whatever you need. The therapists know how to challenge you, and they applaud when you accomplish specific tasks. It made it exciting to go day-to-day and see what I was going to accomplish.

Dick Buckwheat, January 2020


The team at Dove Healthcare - Bloomer helped me gain my independence back. They met my needs both mentally and physically. I went from being non-mobile and needing a hoyer lift to now walking over 100 feet with a walker, getting up by myself, and going home.

Harvey, August 2021

Start the Admission Process

Rely on our team of experienced professionals to assist you throughout the assessment and admission process. Our inquires and referrals for admission come from various sources, including hospitals, clinics, and other nursing homes or assisted living facilities, but you can also contact us directly. Our admissions coordinator will work with the care team and your physician to complete a thorough assessment prior to admission to verify we can meet your needs.

Learn more about admission to Dove Healthcare.

Cassie Chrystal

Dove Healthcare - Osseo, South Eau Claire, and West Eau Claire

Cassie Chrystal, CSW
Admissions Coordinator, 2003
Email Cassie

Paula Hinrichs

Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center

Paula Hinrichs, CSW
Resident & Family Services Director, 2020
Email Paula

Lynzi Seifert

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake

Lynzi Seifert, RN
Admissions Coordinator, Case Manager, Infection Preventionist, 2018
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Kaitlyn Weber

Dove Healthcare - Bloomer

Kaitlyn Weber
Social Services & Admissions Director, 2024
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