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"They gave me my life back."

Due to significant hip and lower back pain, Kathy spent seven months at home in bed. She needed assistance from family to sit up and was only able to do so for ten minutes a few times a day. Upon deciding she no longer wanted to "live life in bed 24/7", Kathy bravely reached out to her healthcare provider for help.

"My primary nurse practitioner Jessica Hartman from Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center referred me to Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake.

The therapists encouraged me and knew my limitations, but made sure to push me towards my goals. They did very well with explaining what they were doing prior to doing it.

The nursing staff were very cheerful, encouraging, and assisting when I needed it. The entire staff was very nice and patient, willing to meet my every need - as small as a friendly conversation.

I was well taken care of in a clean environment and excellent food with a variety of choices.

After two months of diligent, hard work in therapy, I am now completely independent with walking, getting in and out of bed, getting to/from the bathroom, doing daily activities, and living a better, more independent life with the aid of a wheelchair and walker.

Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake gave me my life back.

I am home now. I can take care of myself and help take care of my family members too.

I highly recommend Dove Healthcare - Rice Lake as a place for rehabilitation for anyone that needs physical and occupational therapy."

Kathy is pictured with PTA Reisa, RN Jen, and Medication Aide Renita.