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Meet our Regional Assisted Living Nurse Team

With Rachel Ranney leading the team, Registered Nurses Rachel, Lisa Spalding, and Abbie Knutson collaborate together to provide professional care in prevention, education, and personal support. Each has successfully climbed Dove Healthcare's "HomeGROWN" nursing career ladder, and we are grateful for their dedication and expertise to our five assisted living residences in Barron, Bloomer, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire, and Osseo. Assisted living nursing services include:

  • Visit each location on-site weekly with 24-hour on-call
  • Support and guide caregivers in delivery of care
  • Answer health and medication related questions
  • Monitor the effectiveness and potential side effects of medications
  • Supervise and monitor medication regimen
  • Communicate with primary medical providers and other care partners
  • Monitor illness trends to assure appropriate actions are taken
  • Complete lab draws
  • Assess for falls, safety, skin, and elopement risk
  • Conduct fall prevention programming and implementation
  • Review caregiver charting and follow up as needed with caregiver, resident, family, and physician
  • Evaluate non-life threatening medical conditions (i.e. signs of cold or flu, rashes, weight loss, appetite, or sleep changes)


  • started her healthcare journey as a resident assistant at area group homes
  • graduated CVTC nursing school in 2015
  • first nursing job was with a skilled nursing center
  • became the RN at Dove Healthcare - Orchard Hills Assisted Living in 2018; soon started supporting Dove Healthcare - Rutledge Home as well; and in 2022, advanced to assisted living nurse supervisor for all assisted living locations

"I really enjoy the home-like atmosphere of the assisted living setting and getting to know all the residents and their family and friends. Working with the other nurses has been wonderful. The teamwork is great. Each one of us brings something unique and special that helps to ensure we are continually providing excellent care. I live in Lake Hallie with my husband Josh, our two daughters Bailey and Camryn, and our dog Flash. We enjoy boating, jet skiing, snowmobiling, and traveling."


  • started her healthcare journey as a pharmacy tech
  • became a resident assistant at Dove Healthcare - Orchard Hills Assisted Living in 2008
  • graduated CVTC nursing school in 2015
  • joined the RN team at Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire in 2016
  • became the RN at Dove Healthcare - Rutledge Home in 2018 (left briefly in 2022 to serve as hospice RN)

"I am lucky to be part of such an amazing nursing team. We work together and support each other to ensure the best possible care for our residents. I find caring for our residents very rewarding and appreciate the close connections with our residents and their families. I have three adult children and one granddaughter, Victoria. We have 3 dogs, Xena, Dexter, and Sandy. We enjoy traveling, board games, watching movies, and riding bicycles."


  • started her healthcare journey as a CNA at Dove Healthcare - West Eau Claire in 2015 and then advanced to LPN
  • graduated CVTC nursing school in 2018
  • became an RN in 2019
  • spent time as home health nurse, MDS coordinator, interim DON, and a treatment center nurse
  • joined the Dove Healthcare Assisted Living Nurse Team in 2022

"It felt like returning home when I started back with Dove Healthcare in 2022. I was welcomed with open arms from past and current co-workers. I think our nursing team is amazing. We utilize collaboration and teamwork to get ideas from each other in order to assure our residents and tenants are receiving the best care. I am very excited to continue working with and learning from these amazing nurses. My husband and I married on New Year's Day on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii in 2020. We have two crazy dogs and one adorable kitty. We both enjoy playing Frisbee/catch with our dogs, traveling, and finding a fun concert or comedy show. My husband and I are expecting our first child in December!"  

Meet our Regional Assisted Living Nurse Team