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"The team approach was key to the success of Grover's care."

A Success Story from Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center: Weaned from Vent and Trach Removed in 3 Months

"After a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome, my brother Grover had the good fortune to be transferred to Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center in Chippewa Falls, WI. Prior to arriving, he had been hospitalized for a year in two acute care hospitals, two long-term acute care hospitals (LTACH), and a skilled nursing facility. 

Grover had been given the impression by caregivers in the last LTACH that his chances of weaning off the ventilator this far into the trajectory of his disease were not good, and, in their opinion, he would certainly be minimally vent dependent at night for life.

When we arrived at Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center, we shared with the physician, leadership, and staff that it was Grover's wish that they be aggressive in the weaning while maintaining safety. 

He had a goal of being able to leave without the ventilator and tracheostomy within three months, and the team embraced that goal and made it happen. 

Within almost that exact timeframe, with great care from the respiratory team, he was able to leave vent and tracheostomy free. 

Grover had other medical needs as well, and the physician and leadership team were willing to obtain the GI and neuro consults and testing needed to meet those comprehensive needs. 

The nursing staff kept a watchful eye for complications, and the nursing assistant team promptly met his needs and kept him clean and comfortable.

Grover's other major need was related to his loss of function from his disease and the resulting requirement for aggressive physical and occupational therapy.    

The therapy team was committed to finding and using every piece of equipment and treatment modality available to them to help Grover begin to maximize the function returned to this point in his disease trajectory. These included a standing frame, tilt table, bike, mat table, and electrical stimulation therapy. Grover's therapy times were filled with hard work, optimism, and engaging conversation.

The commitment of the rest of the team was apparent in all of our interactions:

·       The recreation team kept us entertained with movies.

·       The finance team was available to answer questions.

·       The dietary team managed his tube feeding challenges.

·       The speech therapist helped him with swallowing and speech.

·       The transport team drove us to his appointments.

·       The social worker was ready to help find the best place possible for the next step in Grover's journey.

The team approach was key to the success of Grover's care. Without every member of that team doing their very best with Grover every day, he would not have been successful in meeting his goal.

Grover's comprehensive care at Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center not only helped him meet his goal, but also allowed him to be accepted into the best neuro rehab center in the country after discharge. Without the medical management, nursing and nursing assistant care, respiratory care, and aggressive therapies, he would have never been afforded that next opportunity.

We will always speak with the utmost positivity about Grover's experience. 

We would reassure anyone seeking care for themselves or a loved one that choosing Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center will result in interacting with a dedicated team, great care, and a chance to meet caregivers who will remain in your heart long after you leave.

-Submitted by Faye Zwieg, Grover's sister

1st pic:

Photo taken at Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center. Grover standing with track system and standing frame. He took part in this activity to prepare for his transition to Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago, IL for intensive rehab and progression to walking. 

2nd pic:

Photo taken at Dove Healthcare - Regional Vent Center with Krista Hall (COTA), Grover, and Victoria Christianson (PTA).