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"Everyone here treated not just my condition, but me as an entire person."

Read about Susan's life changing journey and her persistence to return to her beloved dog and career in healthcare.

"Due to complicated injuries from a fall that resulted in two surgeries, I have been a patient at Dove Healthcare - South Eau Claire two times this year.

Initially, I was so overwhelmed, because I just wanted to get back to my career in healthcare and my former life again. I was accustomed to an active lifestyle, and it was hard being away from my beloved pet dog and my home.

It was easier to come back the second time, because I had already established relationships with the employees; the environment was familiar and comforting; and it was like seeing old friends who were all eager to welcome me back. In addition, the therapists were able to build upon what we had worked on together during my first stay, which was very helpful.

I really appreciated the level of professionalism that was consistent over both of my stays. Everyone here treated not just my condition, but me as an entire person. I was able to be an integral part of the care team, from beginning to end, and I had a lot of input on my care plan too. 

The care the staff demonstrated in desiring to do the best job possible and the encouragement they gave me throughout this entire journey is something I will never forget!

Now that I am back home, I am also taking advantage of the out-patient therapy services in order to continue working on my goal of returning to work.

I appreciate everything done for me by all the departments and the amazing employees who brought me through two extremely challenging experiences and gave me back my life!"

Pictured L-R: Kallie (CNA), Brenda (PT), Susan, and Erin (PT)