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Stroke Rehabilitation: What Happens Next?

Stroke rehabilitation begins immediately and involves everyone - from the doctors, nurses, and therapists involved in the medical management to the support of loved ones.

Helping you regain independence is our top priority. Upon admission to Dove Healthcare for skilled nursing and post-acute care, our rehabilitation team is focused on doing everything possible to optimize outcomes. Based upon your abilities, progress, and payer source, therapy can be provided up to six days a week and consists of:

  • Physical Therapy: movement, walking, balance, coordination
  • Occupational Therapy: vision, eating, bathing, dressing
  • Speech Therapy: language skills, memory, swallowing

Your program is also enhanced by the expertise and support of nurses, nutritional services, recreation, and a social worker.

Comprehensive Support

In some cases, a full recovery can be expected. In most cases, you will need additional supports, which could include:

  • A mechanical sling lift or sit-to-stand lift to aid in safety and help you actively participate in transferring and standing
  • Adaptive equipment such as special silverware to improve ease of gripping, a hemiplegic walker to provide support, or braces to support weak joints
  • Education on compensatory strategies to utilize your available strength and make up for weak muscles
  • Skilled nursing services such as medication and pain management, personal care assistance, assistance with ambulation and bowel/bladder incontinence

Preparing to Go Home

When your therapy progress begins to plateau, we will finalize discharge plans. Depending on your level of function, support system, and personal wishes, you might return home with caregiver support (family or hired) or transfer to long-term care in the nursing home or assisted living where you receive ample assistance from trained caregivers. We will provide a home exercise program and instruction for you and your family regarding your personalized care needs. We will also visit your home to assess safety issues and make recommendations for modifications.

From admission to discharge, we aim to make the process seamless, transparent, and comfortable for you and your family. For more information, please contact any of our six skilled nursing facilities or email

Stroke Rehabilitation: What Happens Next?